Here Comes The Bridesmaids: Cute Ideas For Your Best Girls

The good thing about finally getting the move on with the wedding means you finally get to have some fun with your girls!
Finally, all 4 of my girls have their dresses. Audrey had to order her's late but it came in! And no, it isn't hot pink, short and ugly like in my nightmares.
Towards the end of October, I took Aly down to Houston so we could pick her dress up. She was the first of my girls that I actually got to see try the dress on. I absolutely love the color and I can see it dressing up real nicely. I played around with the idea of a rhinestone brooch when we first ordered the dresses, just to add a little something on the side. However, when Aly tried on her dress, I noticed the rack of bridal sashes. "Hmmmmmm?" I thought. I went over and grabbed one that was the closest color to the dress and made her tie it on. I absolutely love it! It adds the perfect touch, not to mention now there will be a cute bow in the back!


Stacey, my MOH, is completely done. All she needs to do is get her dress altered. She has a dark shade called 'Beyond the Sea' just because I really liked the idea of the MOH being a little different than the rest of the girls. She and I took a little day trip the other day to find her shoes. I told the girls that they can pick out their own shoes just as long as they're silver. Stacey found a really cute pair at Payless. 

We ended up going to several different stores to try and find her size but eventually just ended up ordering them online. I finally got to see her in her dress-- she pulled her hair back and put on her jewelry. These girls are going to look fantastic and I absolutely cannot wait. 

I found a couple of really cute things to do for the bridesmaids on Pinterest. I also have a really neat gift idea for them to have the night of the rehearsal dinner! But that one I will have to keep to myself until a later date. 

I really want to do this "Meet The Maids" idea. This could be a really fun way to introduce them rather than the boring way of just putting them in the program. 

You provide a picture that best fits their personality. Next, you make a little note on the side telling a little about them and how you first met. This can be sweet, silly or even both!

Next are a couple of cute ideas FROM the bridesmaids. Stacey is throwing me a bridal shower in January. I also got a bit excited and very curious when I found out my bachelorette party is going to be an entire weekend. Everyone knows of the famous 'penis cookies'. Aly and I actually saw cookie cutters for this which I thought was pretty darn funny. However, these cupcakes are really cute and a little less awkward if you are inviting anyone other than close friends.

There are also some really cute cookie ideas for just a bridal shower. I loved the idea of champagne glasses and engagement rings. 

Another cute snack item for really any occasion is this! It looks so pretty and simple! I will most likely be doing this the morning of along with a glass of champagne for the bridal suite!

I have to say, Pinterest is my latest addiction. Funny thing is, I should be working. 

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