Georgetown Bridal Show

So, it is that time. February 26 finally made it's way around the corner.

After church, my mom and I got into the car and headed over to pick up Stacey, my Maid Of Honor.
The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce was holding their yearly Bridal Show--a chance for all of the brides to see the different vendors. I had lots of questions about venues, flowers, photography, catering, everything!

John's grandmother is a member of the Chamber of Commerce committee and informed me of this event several months ago. I visited the website after reading about 3 e-mails on the event. There were awesome door prizes; free spa days for the bridal party, $400 gift cards to any vendor of your choice, makeup sets, you name it! What caught my eye was the grand prize-- 2 round trip tickets to Cancun, Mexico! I went into this show telling myself I would win. I even told the announcer that I would win and his response was "good luck with that". There were over 300 brides attending!

All in all, I learned a lot. I found several vendors that I would really like to look into. I even made a decision on our Venue (thanks to John's blessing).

I ran into one of John's old employers who now owns a restaurant. I talked to him for quite a while, he absolutely adores John and said he would be more than happy to cater for us. He had some samples of his cuisine and it was to die for! I really was very impressed.

Meanwhile, I was walking around and the announcer walks past me whispering "are you a bride?"
I was a little creeped out at first but then noticed he was handing me a card. I opened the card and saw that it was a gift certificate for $200 to any vendor of my choice. That is going to come in very handy.

Next, my eyes went to the cakes. There were some beautiful displays but once it got down to the taste, I was very thrilled. I absolutely LOVE red velvet cake IF it is made right. I was losing hope until finally I came across Paige's Bakehouse. I am not joking, I hardly bit into it and it melted apart in my mouth. I think I died and went to red velvet cake heaven. This baker is too good to be true, I am jealous. If only I could bake that way. Then I moved over to their Petit Fours-- I don't even know what to say right now. Let's just say, after visiting her booth, all of the other cake vendors were put to shame.

Then I moved onto photography. There were a lot of photographers there, all with different styles. I was really interested in two photographers. The first one I ran into was a girl named Kelly. She seems to be extremely personal and her photography just seemed to catch the love and happiness between the couples. I had a nice conversation with her.

The second photographer is in the family. Shannon Vandivier, John's cousin, has a true gift from God. His photography is beautiful and truly, he and his wife are some of the nicest, kind-hearted people I have ever met.

Last but not least, I was looking for my venue. I have been on the lookout for MONTHS. Talk about stressful. Prices are out of the roof and I had a specific look in mind that I was determined to find. I almost lost hope today, until I saw a venue I have not seen. Brand new facility out on Lake Georgetown. Just looking at the pictures I realized I had to take a visit, but I will save that for another blog.

Finally, it was time for the honeymoon drawing. I was sitting in the audience, listening to names of other brides get called and laugh as they would run to the stage screaming and cheering. Gift cards, day spas, restaurants, mani/petis. I wasn't all that interested in any of that. Then, it was time. The announcer said "alright and here is the grand prize-- 2 round trip tickets to Cancun, Mexico"
My heart sank. I wanted this, I prayed for this. Then it happened. MY NAME WAS CALLED!!!
I couldn't believe it, I STILL can't believe it.
I'm going to Cancun for my honeymoon! I am so excited it's insane. I called John right away. It took several minutes of reassurance that I wasn't playing a joke on him.

All in all, I had a wonderful day.
Bridal shows are a little crazy and stressful. You have brides and their guests running around, talking to everyone. Every vendor is there to basically talk to you about how they are the best. It was a lot to take in but I would most definitely recommend it to anyone getting married. There was a lot of information that I needed and received.

Happy Planning!

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