Bridal Showers Galore

Phew! This whole week has been crazy! School has started back up and I am happy to say I am in my last semester. The wedding is now 52 days away and trust me, I am counting the days. 
Last weekend was the start to the madness. I had the most wonderful time, don't get me wrong but boy was I tired. 

My girls and I drove into Georgetown Friday night after we all got off work and basically stayed up the whole night baking cupcakes, cookies and cakepops. The first shower of the weekend (thrown by my Maid of Honor) was on Saturday at 12:30.  Little chef decor was everywhere! I don't know if any of you reading this know me but EVERY TIME I go into Ross or Marshalls, I absolutely love to look at the "little chef" kitchen decorations. I think they are absolutelt adorable. Stacey created a 'kitchen' theme and advised guests to purchase kitchen goodies and provide their favorite recipe. Only two guests had RSVP'd so you could imagine the surprise when 15 people showed up! I had a wonderful time catching up with friends from high school and some of John's cousins. After the chit chat calmed down, Stacey directed everyone over to sit on the couches while I opened presents. Not only did I get a lot of items I registered for, some even went a step further and purchased the "upgraded" version of what I registered for. Needless to say, John and I are pretty set on kitchen awesomeness. 

After the bridal shower was over and all cleaned up, the girls and I went to my seamstress to try on my dress. Everything was perfect except for the bust-- it was too tight. I was a little upset and kind of nervous but she seemed optimistic about fixing it so I told her I would be back the following weekend. Next, pedicures, shopping and a movie just sounded fantastic. 
When we finished our night, we got home and crashed. It was a very long day.

I got up around 10 on Sunday morning. Stacey and I went to pick up John so that we could do our taste testing and finalize the menu as well as register at a tuxedo shop, whether it be Al's Formal Wear or Men's Wearhouse. Stacey and I got back just in time for my bridal shower at 3 thrown by my next door neighbor. She made an awesome "Tina" drink. Yes, I know you're curious, easy fix. It was Prosecco mixed with blue curacao liqueur. The color turned out Tiffany blue and may I add it was delicious? This shower started off with the guests telling a story about me, whether it be how they met me or just something funny they would like to share. This turned out to be a lot of fun and had everyone laughing. 
It was then time for gifts again! I got a lot of barware and I got my first table setting of fine china! I was really excited and it was even prettier than I remembered. I cannot wait to invite family over and dazzle them with my wonderful dishes and somewhat amazing cooking.

After this shower, we got to look forward to a 3 hour drive back home. I am so blessed with wonderful friends and family. My bridal shower weekend was everything I could have hoped for and more. By the time it was over, I felt spoiled and exhausted and went straight to bed.

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