Picking Out Tuxedos- Leave The Bride Speechless As She Walks Down The Isle

As you know, Sunday morning Stacey, John, and I went to visit our caterer and finalize our menu. This isn't what the post is about but let me just say, our food kicks butt.

At 12:30 we had an appointment to meet with Al's Formal Wear because they felt they could beat the deal we were offered at Men's Wearhouse. This offer immediately sparked an interest in both me and John. John the budgeter, me the bargain shopper.

We originally went to Men's Wearhouse because I had a coupon for $40 off the tuxedo rentals with the groom's tux free. I thought this was a great deal. However, when we met with Men's Wearhouse it seemed like loopholes were peeking through. The coupon was considered 'void' if the groomsmen did not rent shoes-- shoe rentals are not included in the price of the tuxedo rental. And get this, shoe rentals are $30. So turns out, my awesome coupon was really a coupon for $10 off a tuxedo rental. You could imagine my excitement when I found all this out. However, we played it up to Al's Formal Wear when they called John to ask if we were interested in their business. They said they could top Men's Wearhouse and provide us with a better deal so we thought it would be a good idea to check them out.

The salesman that helped us was very helpful. He listened to what our vision was and did exactly what we asked him to do. On the surface, their tux rentals seemed more expensive. However, their coupon was for $60 off the rental and did not have any loop holes like Men's Wearhouse. On top of that, the shoes were included in the price of the rentals. Best yet, John's tux is free and he is able to choose any one he wants with no limits on the price. We went ahead and signed up with Al's Formal Wear because they seemed much more helpful and acted like they truly wanted our business.

Next on the list was to get John's measurements. The salesman measured him and then went to the back to pull a jacket and check the fit. At this moment it hit me. I am not prepared for how handsome my soon-to-be husband is going to look on our wedding day. Everyone makes this huge deal about how beautiful the bride is going to look. I won't lie, I have never felt as gorgeous as I do when I put on my wedding gown. But because of this experience, I have no doubt that when all eyes are on me, my eyes will be locked on him.

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