Full Day Of Shopping

So let's start off by saying I've had a good week. Today one of my close friends/bridesmaid is turning 21. Last night we had an ABC party for her and I truly believe everyone had a good time.

A few days before this event, my grandmother and my mom came on down to see me. We hit up The Woodlands mall, Willowbrook Mall, Alfred Angelo, Panache Bridal, and who knows what else. We got up at 9am to hit the road and arrived back home at 8:30pm.

Our first stop was the Woodlands. We shopped around Dillards, Macys, Bridal and Formal Wear, and several other smaller stores that looked to be on the nicer side. My mom had decided that she would like to wear a floor-length gown. Looking around Macys, my mom found a beautiful taffeta gown. She tried it on and all 3 of us agreed that the fabric was flattering on her, but the neckline did nothing for her. We moved on to Dillards and found an Alex Evenings dress that was the same style, only a dark shade of brown (almost on the copper side) but had a beautiful v neckline. We all that this gown did wonders for my mom, but it was too big so she decided to order it online. Mom found her wedding day gown, check!

I found a dress to wear for the rehearsal dinner but I think I will just wait for the price to drop just a little bit. I don't know who Adrianna Papell is, but her dresses are gorgeous.

Next, we decided to head further South to hit up Panache Bridal off Highway 66. Let me tell you, our first sign should have been that it was next to a pawn shop. We walked in to no greetings, no assistance, and poorly made dresses. We headed over to what looked like mother-of-the-bride gowns only to find that there was no such thing as a fine line between frumpy and sleazy. When we did come across a gown that might have looked decent, the fabric was torn and the dress was well over budget. Still with no assistance, we left. I'm pretty sure they didn't notice we were even there, or maybe they did.

We drove maybe half a mile to come across Alfred Angelo. Their mother and grandmother of the bride dresses were nothing special either. However, I spotted the bridesmaids section and decided to make an appointment next weekend. Once the woman noticed we were into more than "just browsing" she helped us with making the appointment and picking out a color that would be a couple of shades darker for my lovely maid of honor to wear. All in all, I was pleased and very excited for bridesmaid dress shopping on Saturday! (Which of course I will keep you posted). Bridesmaid dress prep, check!

Next, we went over to Willowbrook Mall. I was impressed. I had never been to this mall before but I think I will be making a second trip soon. We went straight into Dillards in hopes of finding that gown in a smaller size but turns out they didn't even carry that dress. Good news is, she tried on a very flattering knee length dress that she could easily wear to the rehearsal dinner. Mom's rehearsal dinner dress, check!

 It looks WAY better on my mom, just saying.

My grandma knew what color she wanted to wear and decided she has a dress at home that would be perfect for the occasion. I was so glad to have had her come and see me. Not to mention, she should get an infinite amount of credit for lasting through me and my mom's shopping addiction.

Last stop before dinner was Sam Moon. I won't go into too much detail on this stop only because I plan on writing a whole separate piece for this. Let's just say I found something special for the big day.

Finally, it was time for dinner. Of course, I had to take them to my favorite place probably in all of the Houston area, Wild Ginger. My mom and I ordered several rolls of sushi and my grandmother order shrimp, but I think the three of us know "shrimp" was an understatement. This had to have been the biggest plate of shrimp I have ever seen but it looked delicious.

The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty busy. Bridesmaid dress shopping is on the 11, engagement pictures (finally) will be done by Shannon Vandivier on the 14th, I will be talking to the florist soon to go over ideas for wedding day decorations, and hopefully John and I will be sitting down for some taste testing with Ralph's catering business soon. I love it when things are moving. This day is getting closer and closer and no one can even imagine my excitement.

Love is a symbol of eternity.  It wipes out all sense of time, destroying all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.  ~Author Unknown

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