Be Creative

Odds are, your guests have attended other weddings before. What is going to make your wedding special?

Try to think of cute ideas for your wedding guests. Though this wedding is about you and your partner, it is a nice thought to involve them in the wedding as well. You can do simple things such as:

  • The Kissing Bell: The kissing bell can be any type of bell you want. It can be a dainty and elegant glass bell, or if you would rather fall under the antique theme, you can find a brass bell. The idea behind this is that whenever a guest rings this bell, it means they want the bride and groom to kiss. You can attach a piece of paper with a small poem to explain how the bell works. Also, this can work as a small gift for those who attended the wedding.
  • Picture Perfect: Instead of just a simple guest book, take it up a notch. Try a photo frame! Have your favorite picture of you and the love of your life in the center, and your guests can sign the frame itself! Next time the come to visit you and see the frame hanging in your house with their best wishes signed right in front of them, they will remember they were apart of your special day.
  • Camera Time!: Place a disposable camera at each table and have your guests take pictures of their night! Have them turn in the cameras at the end of the night and now you have all the pictures you need for your wedding photo album! This can also save you money if a professional photographer is not in your budget.
  • A Kiss For You: Visit You can write a personal message, a friendly hello, joke, or even your favorite quote/scripture on the bottom of a Hershey's Kiss wrapper!
  • Personal Name Cards: If you choose to have 'assigned' seating for your reception, you are going to want to have name cards. Make it fun! Find something between you and that guest that will make them smile. This can be a nickname, an inside joke, or even a fun memory. (You may want to put this under their real name so their is no confusion).
These are just a few ideas to get you started. Hope you enjoyed them!
Happy planning!

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