Something Borrowed

Every bride needs a place to go for her wedding needs. Don't stress yourself with questions like:
Where am I going to get invitations?
Where can I find tableware?
What decorations am I going to use?

Here are some websites I have found useful on my journey to the alter.

                     Etsy is probably my favorite. It is extremely helpful! You can find anything from invitations to            handcrafted decorations that would make the perfect addition to your wedding.

                     You know that every bride can use some ribbon on her wedding day.
                     This place is super affordable and can pull through for all of your party needs.
                     Upload any picture you want and create your own fabric!

                      I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE orchids. They will definitely make a presence   in my wedding. If you would like them too, this website has tons of them!

Something for your Bridal Party:
                     Find the perfect gift for your bridesmaids!

These are just a few that will get you started. Don't be afraid to use Google! Google will prove to be your best friend during this time. I find a place that I can rent silver flatware for $.10 each, and $.25 plates too! Why settle for plastic?

Have fun with your decorating. Don't let the planning stress you out, let it motivate you towards a wedding you'll never forget.

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