Finding Our Wine

Obviously, having an open bar can get expensive really quick.
Make a list of alcoholic beverages you want to serve at your wedding, if any.
John and I have discussed different types of wine. I have tested the reds, he has tested the whites. I absolutely love red wine. He likes Moscatos and other light and sweet whites.
If you are a red wine person, explore different varieties. It is fun and if you do it with your loved one, you can turn a normal night into a romantic movie night.

I am a very picky wine drinker. Wine makers themselves have told me that.
White wine, not my thing so as far as that goes, I won't be much help on recommendations.
Now red wine, I can help you with. I like a dry, spicy red wine. I like a little kick and some warmth.
My all time favorites are Chianti and as of recently, Argentinian Malbec.
An excellent Chianti that is affordable is the Classic Gabbianno, either from 2008 or 2010, both are very good. If you are looking for a more expensive wine, the best Chianti I have had so far was at a restaurant in Chicago called Volare. I tried both their Chianti Vivai and their Argentinian Malbec, Tomerro. To die for!

John surprised me one night after work with a Messina Hof Ruby Port. I am not normally a fan of dessert wines but this ended up being a happy medium for both of us. It had the spiciness and warmth I was looking for with a little sweet kick for John. Combining it with dark chocolate put me in heaven. We sat down on the couch together talking about our wedding and what we wanted to do. Talking and drinking wine with chocolate makes a good night together.

If you aren't familiar with wine, there are several different options for you.
For the bride, try having a girls weekend and go to some wineries! Have fun touring the vineyards and be open minded to the tons of varieties you can try.
Or you can simply just go to the store. Pick out of few that others have recommended to you. Go to a liquor store, the workers will be able to help you more than someone from a store that happens to sell wine (i.e Wal-mart, HEB, etc).

Once you get home, pour yourself a small glass of each. Taste them each once, giving a little time in between. Once you find your favorite out of your selections, try tasting them with your favorite foods.

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