Getting The Perfect Dress

Face it, every girl loves to look at wedding gowns. I have been sneaking a peek at gowns that I would want since I was 12. About 4 months after the proposal, my mom came into my room and told me to get dressed. I got into the car, very excited. We went to pick up Stacey, who will be my maid of honor. We drove down to South Austin to David's Bridal for my appointment at noon.
I met up with my consultant and right off the bat, she asked my what I wanted in a wedding gown. I told her that I loved A-line gowns. I did not want a mermaid or anything covered in tulle. I thought back to when Stacey and I spent a day in Houston (before I ever got engaged) trying on wedding gowns. I tried on just about every style and knew which ones weren't for me. I liked feeling like a princess.
She took me, my mom, and Stacey around the store so we could pick out dresses for me to try on.
After about 8 dresses picked, we decided it would be a good time to start the game.
The first one, covered in lace and beading, wasn't quite what I would hope for. To say the least, it was TOO much. Before I got the chance to try on the second gown, the consultant asked my mom to help me in and out of the gowns because her arms were sunburned and the fabric was scrapping it. I was a little irritated by this but also happy that my mom and I would have this experience together. (Later I found out that it was the consultants last day).
The second gown was beautiful on the hanger, yet when I put it on, something was missing. It was almost too plain, but I absolutely loved the back. Long train with buttons all the way down. I kept it on for a few minutes, admiring the details along the train, then took it off for round 3.
The third gown reminded me a lot of my mother's gown. Trumpet waist, long train, lace and exquisite beading. The only thing that bothered me at first was the cap sleeves. They didn't fit with the rest of the gown. The consultant told me she could have them taken off, so I studied the rest of the gown. It was gorgeous, just not me.
The fourth gown was my consultant's pick. I told her I did not like tulle but she insisted I tried it on.
It was THE biggest, Vera Wang dress I had ever seen. As soon as my mother put it on me, we not longer fit in the dressing room. We were both swallowed by tulle, tulle and more tulle! I walked out to show Stacey and she started laughing. I didn't blame her, this dress was insane. NEXT!
I tried on the fifth gown. As soon as I put it on and turned around to look in the mirror, I gasped. Beautiful beading, not too much. Ballroom style, sweetheart neckline, and the train was perfect. I could see myself in this dress on my wedding day. My mom started getting tears in her eyes and I knew it was time to show Stacey. I walked out and Stacey looked in awe. This was it.
Only one problem, even though the rest of me does, my 'girls' do not fit in a size 4. A seamstress came over to discuss options and said the neckline wouldn't be the same if we changed it. We looked around for a different size and the next size we could find was a 13. I tried this one on and asked if she would be able to take it in. She was extremely hesitant. Because of the beading and the pleats, taking in a 13 to make it a 4 would make the dress unrecognizable. My heart was sinking. My mom went to the front desk to see if they could order a new dress in my size. Turns out, this dress was a last call item and had been discontinued.

I made calls to David's Bridals all around the US to find a size 6. I then called the headquarters so that they could look in their system. They found ONE size 6 left in the whole country and it was in Illinois. I asked for the number and called immediately. It must have been meant to be because the last dress in my size in the whole country was now mine.  

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