Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations, RSVP Cards, Table Numbers and Programs

I know that a few posts back I said that John and I chose our invitations and that I was keeping them a secret. Truth is I ordered a sample from and absolutely HATED them. They looked like something I could do with my eyes closed. There is no way I would spend $200 on invitations that I could do myself for free.

So then it hit me. John and I started to talk about designing our own and printing them at the closest print store. I have to admit, John is one-upping me with this wedding planning stuff. First the flowers, now this? I thought this idea of printing our invitations would be terrible and cheap looking.
I started to look online to try and find ideas on how to make your own wedding invitations.

Honestly, it looks like if you don't have Photoshop, you're invitations won't really come out the way you want. Good news is, I found a website with some REALLY cute free wedding templates!
You choose your design, enter your information and done! Click 'print' and it will save to your computer so that you can access your design easily and take it to your print store. 

They not only have invitation templates but RSVPs, Thank You's, Menus, Programs, and Table Numbers. I got really excited about this and I can't even image how happy my findings made John. That only makes this more of a win. Here are some examples of the templates I made!

This first example is not really my style but it could be cute!

This second template is our FAVORITE. Pretty sure we will use this:

This next one is more of a casual version than my favorite:
Here is a rough draft of our wedding program:
 Table Number Template:
And here is an example of our RSVP:

We are going to definitely play up the baby blue! We will put the invitations in a chocolate brown envelope and send a couple of copies of our engagement pictures.

In case you didn't find a template you were looking for, here are a couple of other sites that may help you.

Hope you enjoy! These sites should keep you busy for a while. I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been sitting infront of this computer. It is really interesting to see what is offered online to make your wedding exactly how you envisioned it.

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