Picking The Wedding Flowers

It will be time to meet with the florist soon. We aren't for sure yet whether we are using our family friend Sandy or if we will use a company. Either way, we will have gorgeous flowers.

I was browsing around on Google Images to see what flowers might go well with my our color scheme.
I was looking at yellow flowers until John came and looked over my shoulder and made a dissatisfied noise. I then asked him what he was thinking and he said to do blue flowers. Not going to lie, blue flowers with blue dresses and blue napkins seemed a bit much, not to mention the blue flowers I have seen in my life weren't attractive to say the least.

Since we want orchids for the wedding, I decided to search 'blue orchids'. Honestly, I did not even know these flowers existed but let's just say John will have one happy wife if he brings these home to me.

Here are some blue orchid ideas for our center pieces:

Bridal bouquets:

Here is what me and the bridesmaids would look like (kind of):

Here is what our dessert table will look like (minus the giant twig things):

Ideas for our centerpieces:

This last picture is probably my favorite!

After looking at these examples, I really like the hints of purple and turquoise!
I e-mailed Sandy to see what prices would look like and if she would be able to do it.

I can't wait! 

Here are some links so you can check them out yourself:



  1. Stunning! I honestly love your wedding flowers! I’d also love to have blue flowers for my wedding. Though it’s a bit late, still, I would like to send my warm wishes.

  2. Thank you Willis!! We actually ended up going with calla lilies because the blue orchids would have had to be transferred from Hawaii and that was going to cost way over our budget.