I Am My Bridesmaid's Bridesmaid

Clarissa is my roommate, my co-worker, my friend, my bridesmaid and a bride!
She will be getting married a little less than a month after me on April 6th.

The fun thing about this is she is one of my bridesmaids and I am one of her bridesmaids! I was really excited to be asked to be in her wedding being that we would both be going through wedding details at the same time.

Originally, Clarissa and her other bridesmaids were supposed to go bridesmaids dress shopping with me and my other bridesmaids but since it was extremely hard to get everyone together, we decided to go on separate days.

I took my girls shopping back in August and Clarissa took me and her other girls, MaryBeth and Christin, shopping last weekend.

We got up around 8:30 to hit the road around 9:30.
Our first appointment was at Brickhouse Bridal in the Woodlands. I really can't say I was impressed with this place. There were a lot of selections but the service was terrible and everything was way overpriced. Our consultant really didn't help at all. She didn't ask questions, help with selections, or give an opinion. She literally just stood to the side and took our dresses when we were finished trying them on without saying a word. We found a couple of dresses that we liked. However, they didn't have the color Clarissa had in mind and the cheapest dress we could find was over $200.

Obviously, we were ready to move on to our next appointment.

It was only 12 and our next appointment wasn't until 2. We drove the whole 12 miles down to David's Bridal just so we knew where we would have to be in 2 hours. We found a little Mexican restaurant and decided to go in and get some Margaritas. Christin and I ordered the house Margaritas and holy cow were they strong! I'm pretty sure I was handed a margarita glass filled with Tequila and one lime. Good thing I had 2 hours to finish it.

Our experience at David's Bridal was really positive. I bought my wedding dress at a David's Bridal in Austin and had wonderful service so I wasn't surprised to have good service here as well. It was extremely busy but our consultant made every effort to make sure she helped as much as possible. And her assistance was in addition to several other appointments she had at the time. We had 2 dresses we really like. One was a sweetheart chiffon dress and one was a sweetheart satin dress.

We agreed that we would visit our last appointment at Alfred Angelo before we made our decision although we were pretty sure it would be one of those two.

We drove a couple of miles to Alfred Angelo. When we first walked in, they were extremely nice. We told our consultant what we were looking for and she went to grab some samples while we sat and watched a bride try on different gowns.

It is safe to say that the short dress selection was awful. We tried on ONE dress we would even consider and even then, it was just boring. And don't even get me started on the other dresses she brought. Not to mention, she seemed very dissatisfied with us, even before we stated we didn't like the dresses.

So we went back to David's Bridal and put in our order!
Here is the style we purchased (but imagine the dresses grey):

After we picked these dresses and decided on the shade of grey, we moved over to the shoes! Everyone that knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE shoes.

We agreed on a yellow shade since Clarissa's wedding colors are grey and yellow. Our shoes will match our yellow orchid bouquets.

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