Supplies For DIY Wedding Invitations

After finalizing our decision to make and print our own wedding invitations, John and I decided to head over to Hobby Lobby just to LOOK at paper. Well, looking turned into purchasing. That seems to be the case when going to Hobby Lobby.

I am really glad John came with me. He seemed glad to do so which made it even more fun.

Once we made it to the 'scrapbooking' isle, we got down and dirty with the details. For those of you who have never been to Hobby Lobby (I find that hard to believe) there are at least 4 long isles of every type of paper you can think of.

First, John and I were looking at our options with cardstock. We found our wedding colors and started planning how we could design the invitations. I looked up and noticed that all the individually sold sheets were on sale for 50% off. On the other side of the isle were packs of cardstock that were regular price. Thanks to a customer, I was informed that Hobby Lobby had an online coupon for 40% off regular priced items. She seemed pleased at our reaction and went on to do her shopping.

John and I sat in the middle of the isle like children looking at all of our different choices laid out on the floor. We had shades of blue, brown, white, black, you name it! We finally narrowed it down to a few choices. Another woman walked up and asked what we were trying to make. I informed her that we were designing our wedding invitations together and she immediately got excited. She then sparked another idea into our heads--vellum paper. I don't know why I didn't think of this. I love vellum! It looks very classy yet simple.

We made our way down to the wedding section and both got very distracted. Unity candles, party favors, isle runners, veils, toasters, everything! This really made John and I step back and look at what is happening. We are planning our wedding TOGETHER the way best friends would. Both enjoying our time and loving each other even more.

We then decided to get back to business and ask an associate where we could find vellum. She took us back to the wedding section and handed us a packet of white vellum paper.

Once again, we went back to where the cardstock was located. Only this time, we found more vellum paper! Single sheets of every color, including our baby blue shade we chose for the wedding. After laying out more and more options, we finally decided to have a white cardstock background, baby blue vellum paper with chocolate brown ink and a brown bow at the top just to add a final touch. After picking out the vellum, our cardstock for the invitations and the response cards, as well as enough ribbon for 60 invitations we were ready to check out.

We left Hobby Lobby with a total of $25. Now all we have to do is print them! We have the option of using a professional printing company like UPS or doing it at home. Even if we add in the cost of ink, we are getting by with less than $1 per invitation. That sure beats spending $200 on invitations that looked horrible! By doing this ourselves, we will be saving close to $140 AND we got to have a wonderful time enjoying eachother's company.

Here are some examples: 

The blue background on the invitation will be the baby blue vellum paper. The vellum sheet will be placed on white cardstock and tied off with a chocolate brown bow at the top.

Once we get to putting it all together, I will provide a photo tutorial to help you if you chose this option as well.

Once again, here is the link that I used for these fabulous templates:

Happy planning!

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