Planning, Pictures, Excitement OH MY!

It is officially September and we have 6 months to go. Here it is guys, the half year mark. Can you believe it?
Over a year and a half ago, John and I got engaged. After setting our time frame, I never thought the wedding could be so close.
These past couple of days have been busy and a lot of changes have been made. For one, John and I have decided to no longer get married in the Catholic Church but the Villas instead. Being that we have different backgrounds in terms of what churches we were raised in, we thought that we should combine our faith and unite not only our families, but build a bridge that makes the bond between Catholics and Protestants stronger. After all, we are all Christians who believe the same thing. We just get fed a different way. How will they combine a Catholic wedding with an United Methodist wedding you ask? Well, that you will just have to read in my next post and of course I will walk you through the details of our customized ceremony.
Also, we picked out our invitations! They are beautiful yet a surprise. Partially because I feel that showing the sample isn't as fun as the real thing. Not to mention, our engagement pictures are still in the process of being edited.
Which reminds me, 3 weeks ago John and I had our engagement pictures taken by Shannon Vandivier. I am so anxious to see how they turned out and absolutely cannot wait to share them with you.
Another cool thing about that is Shannon will be designing a website specifically for our wedding. The website will have all of our engagement pictures for everyone to see and order if they wish. We will also post our invitations, directions to get to the Villas, hotels in the area for out of town guests, information about the rehearsal dinner, and even our registry will be available on this website! Our registry will consist of three things: an online store that is easily accessible to all members of the family if they feel a gift is needed, a PayPal account if they wish to give the gift of money, or they may give money to a travel agency to help with activities that John and I would like to do while on our beautiful honeymoon in Cancun. We will also provide a wine survey to get a majority vote of what types of wine people would prefer with dinner. The cool thing about this is that there will be a link similar to a guest book where guests can leave posts on our website homepage. If you have not already booked your photographer, asking them about a wedding website maybe a very good idea. Luckily, John and I are receiving this website and the engagement pictures as a gift.

Another good thing is being that the wedding is sneaking up and getting close, I have a entire page dedicated to posts that I am so excited about.

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