Picking The Perfect Wedding Cake

Ok. So maybe I am going a bit overboard with the posts today. But it's not like I have 2 years anymore.

John and I have picked our wedding cake! Can't say this was a hard decision. We both wanted something more on the simple side. Let's face it, some of these wedding cakes are CRAZY.
For example:

Pretty sure we can see who will wear the pants in THAT relationship. I mean seriously. How full of yourself do you have to be to have a life-size cake version of yourself?

After looking through numerous cake magazines, we found one that is simple and very precious. We both like it a lot, although we are probably going to have 3 tiers instead of 4 as shown.

I absolutely love the bows! It adds a little something to the cake but not so much that it would look so busy. However, the bows will not be that color; they will be closer to this.

My friend Jessica and I will be making this cake sometime in the next few weeks as a practice run. Mainly to see how much it will cost for ingredients and how much time she will need to make the cake the day before the wedding. I know I said a while back that we were going to do that and we never did but this is different because we have actually chosen a cake to bake!


  1. That's almost like eating your my-size Barbie! WOW. I love your cake and the bows! Will you have the pearls as well?

  2. Yes! I love the pearls and couldn't imagine leaving them out!