Purchasing Our Unity Candle

When it starts to get closer to your day, all of the little things for your big day start presenting themselves.

Last week, John and I sat at our computer to re-create our budget. Things have changed a lot since last April when we got engaged. We have saved a lot of money here and there by doing things our way and having friends and family so willing to pitch in. One of the things we forgot to budget for back then was our unity candle.

We didn't really know what the average cost of one was so we pulled up several different tabs on the computer to get an idea. Typically, the range anywhere from $50-$200. This seemed a bit high for a candle. We did more searching and found that Hobby Lobby sells unity candles that range from $20-$40. This seemed a bit more reasonable, although none of them really popped for me and John.

We went online to Amazon and eBay to look for unity candles. A lot of people have a misconception about eBay. Yes, people do use it to sell their used things but there are also sellers around the world that use eBay as a business. We got lucky and found a business that sold unity candles. They had a whole page of different styles and types, even an option to leave a message in case you had any special requests.

We found one that we both really liked and it was only $20 WITH SHIPPING.
I am very pleased with the way it looks. I took a picture to share with you, however I did leave out the two skinny candles that came with it because they are simple and everyone knows what they look like.

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