Engagement Pictures

Engagement pictures are finally here! Shannon has finished our wedding website and now filling it out is up to us. I am so excited with the way these pictures turned out and unbelievably blessed that Shannon would do this for us.

There are more pictures at our website which you can now check out at:

They are also available on Shannon's wedding blog:

John and Tina are two people that know how to have fun. I know these two very well considering John is my cousin. A key feature for good life style photography is good subjects. What makes a good subject in any type of wedding photography, is the clients ability to interact with each other. John and Tina are obviously in love. This shows through their ability to laugh, banter, and be intimate no matter the setting. I believe the greatest person to marry is your best friend. John and Tina are just  that; best friends. I cannot wait to attend their wedding! It will be a joyous occasion.
                             -Shannon Vandivier

I think it is safe to say I'm living my happily ever after.

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