Engaged To Details

John and I made it home today. Georgetown is looking rather lovely with all the rain lately.
We came home for several reasons; to see family, talk to our caterer/friend, and to meet with the Villa to sign our contract!
We aren't signing the contract until tomorrow morning, but at least John got to see what he is signing up for. He loved it! I was nervous at first because he didn't seem too thrilled to check the place out, but I think he was pleasantly surprised. This also worked well for me, I was able to see more of the Villa now that there weren't any events taking place this time. It is even more gorgeous than I remembered and just made me all the more ready to take this step. I will tell you more about that tomorrow.
Here is where the cocktail hour will be held! Can't wait to show you pictures of the bridal suite...I about passed out when I saw it.

I really wanted to discuss our meeting with our caterer. Head count will be a little more expensive than I thought, BUT they include things that we did not include when we entered the amount into our budget. He will be providing appetizers, an entree (a pasta and a protein) with 2 sides, rolls, salad, all the tableware, and the non-alcoholic beverages for a total of $12.95 a head at most. Being that he is a good friend of John's, he wants to play around with the price, but well worth it either way. He is a FANTASTIC cook, especially when it comes to Italian food. Also, he got us a really sweet deal on a bartender for the evening. We were thinking more towards $30-50 per hour. One website even said $30 per bartender/per hour/minimum of 4 hours/minimum of 3 bartenders. Ralph's (our caterer) offer is less than that with a minimum of 3 hours. Once he is no longer serving drinks, he isn't on our clock anymore but rather the company. That way, we don't have to pay him for set up and clean up, the catering company does that.
John and I were second guessing alcohol at the wedding, but looking back into it makes us a little more sure of the fact that we want it. Plus, buying our own beer/wine/alcohol is way cheaper than the companies who include alcohol. Go to the store, buy good but cheap wine, serve it! No one is going to care if you spent $8 on a bottle of wine.

"Every love story is beautiful but our's is my favorite" -Anonymous

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