I Do's and I Do Not's

Keeping a low stress level for your wedding is key for successful planning. You don't want to wake up to look in the mirror the day of your wedding and scream at what you see.

Here are some wedding do's and wedding don'ts to help you from becoming a mess on your wedding day.

  • DO plan ahead. Time really flies when you're getting closer to your big day. You don't want that clock to be ticking and then realize you forgot huge details.
  • DO your research. Look around, have fun with this! 
  • DO talk to your husband or bride to be. You want them to be involved and I'm sure they do too. Doing everything by yourself is just going to be harder on you.
  • DO ask questions. Coming up with questions for the vendors throws them off, they don't expect you to be prepared. When you are and you show it, you have a better chance at a better deal. They don't want to lose your business. 
  • DO create at joined account. Having a savings account that both of you can access really makes things a lot easier. You both see where the money is going and also, you can see that both ends are doing their share of saving. Plus, this is preparing you for later on. You will have to have plenty of communication with your money, might as well start now. 
  • DO lie about your wedding date online or to people who are handling your wedding gown. If you need your wedding dress altered, tell them your wedding date is 2 weeks earlier than it really is. Just in case anything happens, you won't actually be without a dress on your wedding day. Also, when it comes to your bridesmaids dresses, if it comes in 'late', it'll still get to you in time. 
  • DO have your vows ready (if you are writing your own). Let's not wait until the day before to write them.
  • DO eat before you go to the reception. I guarantee you will not get the chance to actually eat the food you paid for, everyone will be too busy wanting to congratulate you.
  • DON'T get everybody and their cat involved. This wedding is about you and your future spouse. Stay in each other's business and that's it. You can't please everyone, so worry about pleasing each other and draw the line there. Use advice when it is needed IF both of you agree it is useful. 
  • DON'T invite people who haven't talked to you in years. If they chose not to keep up a relationship with you, don't worry about them. Plus, you don't want to have to introduce your new spouse to anyone, both of you should know everyone there.
  • DON'T cry over spilled milk. Something will happen on your big day. A cake fallen over or a DJ showing up 30 minutes late is not the end of the world. You got to marry the love of your life today, all the other stuff doesn't matter. 
  • DON'T dye your hair any sooner than a week before the wedding. 
  • DON'T go crazy with the fake tanning. You want to look sun-kissed, not as though you have been rolling in Doritos for the past 3 days. You don't want to look like Ann Hathaway from Bride Wars. If you choose to tan naturally, wear a bathing suit that is the same shape as the top of your dress. Having a farmer's tan with your wedding dress isn't exactly ideal.

Learn to laugh about things, this time will bring you closer to your friends and your fiancee if you pick and choose your battles. If your fiancee says "I don't know" when you ask him what color napkins he wants, don't freak out on him. Truth is, he is probably saying he doesn't know because he is unsure of which one will make you happier.

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