Phase Bridesmaid- COMPLETE!

I had an exciting evening yesterday. I picked my final bridesmaid!
This of course, means that I will be starting my "bridesblog" section soon, for all you bridesmaids out there that are going through this for the first time. I will continue to provide my wedding details and plans, but hey, I have to help out your party too, right?

And get this, I will be her bridesmaid as well! Her wedding is almost exactly a month after mine, so that gives us plenty of opportunities to share this experience together. I am very excited to see bigger friendships unfold. Not only with me, but between my bridesmaids.

Stacey-- Maid Of Honor

Stacey and I went to high school together. She was my line officer on my dance team and is now my roommate. She is majoring in elementary education at Sam Houston State. She has always been an extremely close and incredible friend of mine. I am so proud of her for everything she has done to let Christ live through her. I appreciate that she has always been one who could be honest and upfront with me.

Audrey-- Bridesmaid
Audrey was my first "Texas" friend. I moved to Texas from Fort Lauderdale, Florida when I was nine. I knew absolutely NO ONE and the rest of the kids on my street wanted nothing to do with me because I was the "new kid". Audrey welcomed me with open arms and we've been friends ever since, also a fellow dancer. She will be graduating high school this semester and will go on to Southwestern University, where she got an $80,000 scholarship. I am so proud of you!!

I have only known Clarissa for a year but we have really hit it off as friends. I met her when I first started my job here and now we are managers together. She is engaged to her best friend, Chad. They have been together since their freshman year of high school. I am so glad that I have had the chance to become friends with her and I can't wait for all of our exciting plans! I will also be a bridesmaid in her wedding next April.

I just thought of this. All 4 of us our dancers. I will have to do something with this during my reception, what do you think?

"You don't go to college to find your groom, you go to find your bridesmaids"  -Anonymous

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