The Story Of The Early Bird Who Got The Worm

I must say, I have excellent timing.
As you know (for those who keep up with my rantings), I had an appointment with The Villas on Thursday morning to finalize the date and get it booked!
I spent a little over an hour talking to the owner's wife about all my wedding plans so far, how I am envisioning my use of the facility, and sharing my excitement about the whole thing. We paid our deposit and got the event booked for March 14th.
As I was leaving, another bride was walking up to The Villas from her car for an appointment.

A couple of hours later, I received an e-mail from the owner telling me everything was confirmed with a little side note on the bottom.
Apparently, that bride wanted my wedding day and argued with the planner to see if we could either have it on the same day or if she could persuade me to move it because she "already booked the church". HA. Can you believe she tried to have a Bride War?
Technically, I know that in my timeline, it says to reserve your venue later on down the road, but what can I say? I don't want to wait around for something and have it not be there in the end.
Sorry girl, I don't play around with my plans.

To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you're wrong, admit it;
Whenever you're right, shut up.
- Ogden Nash

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