How To Make A Guest List

Here is the tricky part.

First tip of the day, don't sit at your computer pulling your hair out trying to decide who does and doesn't make the cut. Don't worry about hurting someone's feelings. Truth is, if you don't really feel like inviting them then they probably haven't put much effort into a relationship with you anyways. It's their own fault they aren't invited.

Start out with the easy ones. You and your other half.
Then, go onto the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Next, list immediate family members. Then, from there kind of go off and do a family tree (this helps you not to forget anybody on accident). Decide now whether or not you want kids at your wedding. Some have luck with good behavior, others not so much.

Example-- (Easy on the names, I made them up)
Susie and Joe
Bridesmaid: Anna                                          
Bridesmaid: Rachel                                        
Maid of Honor: Kaitlin  

Groomsmen: Todd
Groomsmen: Jonathon
Best Man: Jared

Bride Side:
Uncle Jerry Aunt Jean +2                                   
Uncle Kevin Aunt Diane +3                               
Grandma and Grandpa                                       
Uncle David and Aunt Kay +2
Uncle Bob and Aunt Vinn
Uncle Joseph and Aunti Barbara +3
Grandma and Grandpa

Then do the same for the Groom's side of the family.
Next, move on to friends. Think of people you haven't lost touch with and most importantly, those who were actually excited about your engagement. Don't invite someone you haven't talked to since high school just for the sake of not hurting their feelings. Plus, one thing to consider, think about your new spouse. Odds are, they don't want to be pulled here and there to meet all of your friends he has never heard you talk about. You both should personally know the people you invited, no introductions at the wedding unless it is someone a guest brought.

Also, if you are arguing over someone on the list, stop it. Learn now, pick and choose your battles. Fighting over something as stupid as inviting Aunt Debbie is not worth it. There is probably a reason for their hesitation in the invite.

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