Wedding Photography

Hey guys! So John and I are getting ready to do our engagement photos soon. I have been looking around at different photographers to see what kind of styles I will be looking for.
Here are a couple of awesome photographers I have found already (in Texas and Louisiana) that I thought I would share with you.

Also, here is an idea you can share with your photographer. Don't be afraid to tell them what you want. If your ideal session is of them capturing the love shared between you and your fiance, tell them!
  • Play with reflections, show only a certain part of the bride and groom and let the reflection tell the story. With the right lighting and angles, you can use a puddle or a lake. Otherwise, play with a mirror or a window. Try catching that simple moment where the bride and groom kiss before leaving behind their friends and family, except find the photo on the window of a limo, or in the sunglasses on the smiling mother of the bride!

Also, you can check on Pinterest to get some ideas. Enjoy!



Click to enlarge this image:
Notice that the inside of the ring (says 'Faith') reflects onto the page.


Good luck on finding a photographer that fits you! Hope this helped with some ideas.

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